Hatsune Miku: TENITOL Hatsune Miku Light - Non Scale Figure (FuRyu) Image

Hatsune Miku: TENITOL Hatsune Miku Light - Non Scale Figure (FuRyu)

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Drawing by popular illustrator lack! Hatsune Miku with the theme of "light"
From FuRyu, a new figure brand "TENITOL" with an affordable price debuts!
The first is a lineup of two Hatsune Miku with the image of light and darkness at the same time.
Please have one of your favorites at hand.

- Hatsune Miku with a warm smile and the image of "light"
The expression is soft and gentle, but the atmosphere with some elegance is attractive.
The shape of the cloth flowing under your feet, the clear parts with beautiful sheer hair, and the pearl paint are the finest finishes.

- Pursuing ease of decoration with a dedicated pedestal
The dedicated pedestal realizes a figure that is easy to decorate while expressing the world view.
Hair and feathers look beautiful not only from the front but also from the back.

- Enjoy the world view together with Dark!
By decorating it with Dark, which is the image of "darkness", you can more faithfully reproduce
the world view of the illustration! The soft charm of Light is also greatly improved.

* "TENITOL Hatsune Miku Dark" is sold separately.
- The original picture is drawn by popular illustrator, Mr. lack!
Beautiful illustrations are newly drawn for this figure.
The charm of each of Light and Dark drawn by Mr. lack is expressed to the maximum in 3D.

Manufacturer: FURYU Corporation
Series: Hatsune Miku
Painted with ATBC-PVC&ABS. Approximately 220mm in height.

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