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Joe Hisaishi - The Boy and the Heron / Soundtrack (2xLP)

Vinyl Soundtrack

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Release date 30 August, 2024.


1.Ask Me Why (Evacuation) 2.White Wall
3.Gray Heron 4.Memories
5.Gray Heron II 6.A Feather in the Dusk
7.Adolescence 8.Gray Heron III
9.Silence 10.The Curse of the Gray Heron
11.Feather Fletching
12.Ask Me Why (Motherâ??s Message)
1.A Trap 2.Sanctuary
3.The Master of the Tomb 4.Ark
5.Warawara 6.Reincarnation
7.Rain of Fire 8.Cursed Sea 9.Farewell
1.Reminiscence 2.Close Encounter
3.Diversion 4.A Girl of Fire
5.Mahito and Himi 6.The Corridor Door
7.A Burrow
8.A Song of Prayer (The Delivery Room)
9.Granduncle 10.In Secret
11.The Kingâ??s Parade
1.Granduncleâ??s Desire
2.Ask Me Why (Mahitoâ??s Commitment)
3.The Great Collapse 4.The Last Smile
5.Spinning Globe / Kenshi Yonezu

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